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First off, thank you for that Mikhail Krug video. I enjoyed watching it. Someone should subtitle that from start to finish. Unfortunately, my Russian isn't good enough.

Secondly, this story reminds me of the American 'deplorables', the difference being that these belong to a clear group, people from the heartland, voting for Donald Trump. In Ukraine, there seems to have been a real desire for an enemy, as if society was hollowed out by corruption and disappointment to the point that it wouldn't hold without one.

In that sense, the Russian invasion has been a blessing. Now there's a clear enemy, against which the people can unite. Only problem seems to be that Russia is so embedded in Ukraine, both linguistically and culturally.

It's also interesting to see the parallel with Western culture (or as you say: "Ukrainization of global political discourse"), of the superiority of liberal city dwellers. But perhaps this is a universal thing, and something that many leftist intellectuals struggle with. They feel that they are fighting for regular people, the unwashed masses, but at the same time they are appaled and repulsed by them. George Orwell comes to mind.

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Great piece thank you for translating. Btw the paragraph ending in "from Ukraine in general" is repeated

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Valuable insightful information. Thanks!

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